Biblically-based tours from Art to Zoo 

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Hear what others are saying about The Great Tours.

“Michael teaches in a way that grabs students’ attention, as well as  communicates truth. His life-experiences, his overseas’ mission background and his summers spent leading students at Worldview Academy Leadership Camps ensure that he will engage students and teach with great insight.  His style invites students into the learning process. The Great Tours are a must for parents who want to help their families to see culture from a Biblical worldview.”-Bill Jack, Worldview Academy.


“Desiring to give my kids a well-informed; hands-on education, I can highly recommend The Great Tours conducted by Michael DeGroat. His Dallas World Aquarium Tour was excellent: informative & fun! I loved that everything he taught was from a Biblical creation perspective.” –Homeschool Mom


“Michael is a licensed falconer. He spoke to my science students on birds of prey and helped them dissect owl pellets. It was fascinating and the students loved it! He is so knowledgeable; there was instant rapport with the kids.” –Rebecca; Classical Conversations


You've heard what others are saying about The Great Tours

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