Biblically-based tours from Art to Zoo 

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Michael DeGroat - The Great ToursThe Great Tours are uniquely designed by Michael DeGroat to challenge and inspire people to view the world with all its discoveries and creations through a Biblical lens.  Within each excursion, school groups, Sunday school communities, home school groups, and private parties will explore the extraordinary works of creation, history, science, and art in light of  the truth giving illumination of God’s Word.

Michael was home schooled all the way through high school. He graduated from LeTourneau University in Longview, TX. Michael attended Worldview Academy as a student three times, and returned as staff for three more summers. It was at Worldview Academy, at the age for 14, that Michael discovered his passion for studying and teaching a Biblical worldview.

“I’ve designed these tours with the purpose of equipping others to have a deeper understanding of the Word of God so that they can decipher the truth while shielding themselves from the lies that bombard us constantly from television, music, newspapers, academia, art museums, and the zoo.”

His tours are heart-felt, accurate, and thought-provoking as he applies his 12+ years of studying and teaching worldviews in public arenas.

“It is within public walls, with exhibits that worship the created, not the Creator, that we will be able to see the Truth: that we have a Creator and He is the only one worthy of our praise”

Michael lives in Dallas with his wife, Melissa. He is a professional financial advisor running a practice focused on helping people plan for their future.

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